PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now


Advance Your Business Capabilities with PDI Retail Site Management

Transform your operations and reduce site labor with less IT cost and support than ever with PDI Retail Site Management.


What’s New in Security: Q&A with Chris Berry

Chris Berry, PDI CTO and President of Security & Platform, shares the latest solution updates for keeping businesses secure. Read on to discover some…


What’s New in Consumer Engagement: Q&A with Brandon Logsdon

Brandon Logsdon, President of Consumer Engagement at PDI, shares the latest product and solution updates for consumer engagement. Read on to discover…

Product Sheet

GasBuddy Loyalty Connect

Give your brand instant access to 90+ million consumers by integrating your loyalty program seamlessly into the GasBuddy app.

Product Sheet

Secure Bank Linking

Reduce friction and increase consumer acquisition into your Private Label Debit program with bank linking enrollment.

Product Sheet

Points Economy Insights

Leverage a customer-centric rewards model that delivers high value and flexibility.

Product Sheet

Consumer Engagement Services

Consumer centric marketing services that improve adoption and ongoing engagement.

Product Sheet

WiFi as a Service

Wi-Fi as a Service is a fully managed system that provides stable, scalable, and secure Wi-Fi for your employees and customers.

Product Sheet

Commerce API

PDI’s Commerce API lets e-commerce providers seamlessly send transactions generated from their platform straight to the store of origin.

Product Sheet

5G as a Service

5G as a Service supports reliable internet access to streamline business and position your organization for the future.

Product Sheet

Retail Site Management – Transaction Management

Transaction Management allows staff to capture essential detail at the point of the transaction to maximize accuracy and efficiency.

Product Sheet

Retail Site Management – Lottery Transactions

No more manual lottery calculations each morning. Simply scan the tickets, and all calculations and postings complete automatically.