PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now

Four reasons why c-stores continue to prove themselves as the right channel for CPGs to reach their shoppers


CPG Marketing: Why C-Store is the Right Channel to Reach Your Shoppers

From loyal customers to changing demographics, c-store continues to prove itself as the right channel for CPGs to reach their shoppers. Here are 4…

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GasBuddy Loyalty Connect

Give your brand instant access to 90+ million consumers by integrating your loyalty program seamlessly into the GasBuddy app.


What Should Retailers and CPGs Expect in 2022?

Discover key findings from 2021, get a sneak peek at key trends for 2022, and explore areas of opportunities for both retailers and CPGs.


Optimize Your CPG Marketing Program with PDI Offer Network

Get a better understanding of consumer buying behaviors with PDI Offer Network. Improve your efforts with broader reach, increased frequency, and targeted messaging.

Case Study

A PDI Insights Cloud Case Study: Jacksons Food Stores

Learn how Jacksons has turned data from 260 stores into valuable insights to improve supplier collaboration, refine loyalty strategies, and increase…


OpenRoom Talks – PDI Insights Cloud Podcast

Consumer behavior is constantly changing, and data can help convenience retailers and CPGs alike. If you aren’t doing so already, leverage shopper…


Overcoming Blind Spot Barriers for CPGs in Convenience Retail

What has been a blind spot of information, c-stores can now be a bright spot to help CPG brands understand consumers through transactional data capture and analysis.


The Test Market on the Corner: How New C-Store Data Capabilities Enable More Precise Analysis of Product and Promotion Testing

C-stores provide a unique and cost-efficient channel for CPG brands to conduct more effective product testing, especially in specific merchandise categories.

ROMI Article Graphic


ROMI: Is Your Marketing Investment Optimized?

Analyzing data is the key to a successful marketing campaign. Gain insights into the importance of ROMI and how to leverage data to run more effective campaigns.

CPG Product Placement


Using Data to Inform C-Store Re-Set Negotiations

With the availability of receipt-level POS data in near-real time, CPG suppliers and operators can now use the same information to improve re-set negotiations.

C-Store Data Insights


The C-Store Data Bonanza: How Data-Driven Initiatives Are Maximizing CPG Revenue

A wide range of new data acquisition and analysis capabilities for c-stores are helping both c-store operators and CPG brands drive more revenue growth.


Buddy Up: C-Store Shopper Insights Quarterly Report

Get the latest GasBuddy survey results on the pandemic’s influence on consumer shopping behaviors and their comfort level in performing certain…