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PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now

Four reasons why c-stores continue to prove themselves as the right channel for CPGs to reach their shoppers


CPG Marketing: Why C-Store is the Right Channel to Reach Your Shoppers

From loyal customers to changing demographics, c-store continues to prove itself as the right channel for CPGs to reach their shoppers. Here are 4…

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GasBuddy Loyalty Connect

Give your brand instant access to 90+ million consumers by integrating your loyalty program seamlessly into the GasBuddy app.

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Secure Bank Linking

Reduce friction and increase consumer acquisition into your Private Label Debit program with bank linking enrollment.

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Points Economy Insights

Leverage a customer-centric rewards model that delivers high value and flexibility.

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Consumer Engagement Services

Consumer centric marketing services that improve adoption and ongoing engagement.

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Identity Management for Loyalty

Consumers entrust you with their personal information. Keeping that data safe is paramount. PDI provides best-in-class data security features.


What Should Retailers and CPGs Expect in 2022?

Discover key findings from 2021, get a sneak peek at key trends for 2022, and explore areas of opportunities for both retailers and CPGs.


Optimize Your CPG Marketing Program with PDI Offer Network

Get a better understanding of consumer buying behaviors with PDI Offer Network. Improve your efforts with broader reach, increased frequency, and targeted messaging.


Unlocking Hidden Value in Your Investment

If you’re not measuring what’s going on in your store and what’s happening from a data perspective, you don’t know how much money you’re leaving on the table.


The Value of Loyalty and Personalization for Retailers

In this video, PDI’s Brian Jefferson provides his insights on the value of increasing loyalty and how retailers can provide exceptional customer…


OpenRoom Talks – PDI Insights Cloud Podcast

Consumer behavior is constantly changing, and data can help convenience retailers and CPGs alike. If you aren’t doing so already, leverage shopper…


Unlocking the Full Value of Your Transactional Dataset

In less than 10 minutes, unlock the value of your strongest business asset—your data. Learn the benefits of PDI Insights Cloud from the retailer…