PDI Monthly COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer trip and basket-level data and analysis to help you deliver what customers need now

Product Sheet

Carrier Exchange

Carrier Exchange gives you tools to manage multiple 3PL (third-party logistics) carriers, monitor progress, and track performance.

Product Sheet

Logistics Automation – Enhanced Auto Order

Enhanced auto ordering reduces mistakes with continuous tank monitoring, generating the right delivery at the right time to the right place.

Product Sheet

Logistics Automation – Auto Dispatch

Automatic dispatching continuously monitors truck locations and availability to dynamically create and update schedules in real time.


Optimize B2B Fuel Pricing throughout the Commercial Fuel Lifecycle

Optimizing your B2B fuel pricing operations can help ensure that your business remains profitable under a variety of changing market conditions and disruptions.


3 Ways Fuel Suppliers Can Manage Tight Margins

When you can’t easily predict what’s coming next in a fluctuating fuel market, the best strategy is to make your business as adaptable as possible.


Go Digital to Streamline Fleet Management

Eliminate the paper trail and gain the benefits of digital mobility to benefit your fleet management operations, drivers, and business results.


4 Cost-Saving Benefits of the Connected Truck

The connected truck securely and automatically keeps your fleet operations as efficient as possible, helping you deliver the excellent service your customers expect.


Your Dispatchers and Drivers Will Love Paperless Dispatch

Paperless dispatch is an important step for oil companies, fuel wholesalers, and haulers that are leveraging technology to improve efficiency and increase revenue.


We’re All Human: How to Avoid Letting Your Tech Get the Best of You

Introducing new enterprise-level software is no easy task, although it’s well worth the effort. This guide outlines some best practices in six simple…


5 Essentials Your Telematics Solution Must Deliver

Your telematics solution must deliver five essential benefits to help you optimize your fleet management and dispatch operations.


Reconciliation and Billing Shouldn’t Be a Bump in the Road

Integrating new enterprise-level software is no easy task, although it’s well worth the effort. This guide outlines some best practices in six simple steps.


5 Ways Technology Can Streamline Your Fuel Supply Chain

Automation can replace manual processes by eliminating repetitive steps. For businesses still operating under pen-and-paper, digital transformation is essential.